Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Cyber Monday Promo Codes 2014 - For You

If you are planning to celebrate this Cyber Monday and Black Friday with technologically advanced products, Microsoft invites you with promotional codes like Microsoft Office Cyber Monday promo codes 2014.

If you are planning to get the Windows 8 Pro operating system, you will experience that this operating system will give you new levels of productivity, great performance, mobility and security. This operating system can be turned into more productive with the help of Office suite and you can get the latest office suite from Microsoft by using Cyber Monday Office 2014 coupon codes. This promotional code is offered by Microsoft with a view to invite more and more people to make their purchase over the internet through their online store. So, you can rightly grab this opportunity to load your system with this latest Office suite, which comes with 15 GB of cloud storage facility. If you are a businessman and need extra cloud storage, you can of course, make your purchase additionally for the storage of more documents and files on the internet. So, use black Friday Microsoft Office 2014 promo codes to get this facility with Office 2013.

With the view to help their customers to turn further productive with better online storage facility, they are offering the cloud-based Office suite. This cloud based suite is now available for purchasers at a reduced cost in the form of Office 365 Black Friday promo codes 2014. Not only for Office 2013, Office 365 and Windows 8 Pro, you can find promotional code in the form of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Promo Codes 2014 Black Friday for Windows 8 operating system as well.

Now, you can turn productive with Windows operating system and Office suite at the best cost. But, do you know that you can get entertainment product as well at the best cost? Yes, it is possible with Microsoft Xbox One Cyber Monday promo codes 2014 offered by Microsoft for Xbox One gaming console. Even though, this is a gaming console, it can be turned into an entertainment unit as well with the help of Xbox live connection. So, if an individual wishes that he should enthrall his children with the latest version of Xbox gaming console, he can very well look for Microsoft Xbox One Black Friday promo codes 2014 to get this console at a friendly cost.

Is everything over? No, there are furthermore discounts offered for this Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Yes, for those planning for the Xbox 360 console, they can find the discount in the form of Black Friday Xbox 360 promo codes 2014. Even, you can make your purchase two days later on Cyber Monday with the help of Cyber Monday Xbox 360 promo codes 2014.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Microsoft Xbox One Black Friday Promo Codes 2014 – What to Expect?

Save $150 Off with free shipping and free returns on Xbox One consoles, bundles, xbox one games and accessories at discount prices with Microsoft Store Promo Codes on the eve of cyber monday 2014.

If you have been enthusiastically waiting for some promotional offers to take home a gaming console from Microsoft. This is the right time to use Microsoft Xbox One Cyber Monday promo codes 2014.

Black Friday Xbox 360 promo codes 2014 are the wonderful deals to enjoy excellent savings on the gaming console and also for stocking up games. Generally, these wonderful deals can be found over the internet, on the Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and the weeks around until Cyber Monday and even a week after that to celebrate the crazy shopping event. Many people have now started asking question ‘should I wait for Cyber Monday Xbox 360 promo codes 2014 and what to expect from these promotional offers?’

Last year, it was said that Microsoft enthusiasts were able to get only a limited Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Xbox gaming consoles and this is why many of them have expressed that they expect great deals for 2014. So, not only for gaming enthusiasts, but also for those, who wish to seriously enter into work mode after the New Year celebrations are over can place order for Office suite now itself with Cyber Monday Office 2014 coupon codes

As Microsoft wants to grab the attention of their potential customers as against their competitors in different areas like gaming consoles, office suites, Operating System and Cloud Computing service, they are now ready with wonderful deals. For instance, Black Friday Microsoft Office 2014 promo codes can come handy for people looking for purchasing the latest Office suite for their desktop. On the other hand, for those looking to purchase a cloud based office suite, they can find Office 365 Black Friday promo codes 2014

Not only these deals, but also people planning for a new operating system either for their touch-based device or their desktop or laptop computer, can go for Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Cyber Monday promo codes 2014 to get the Windows 8 Pro on this Cyber Monday. It is expected that the deals will in two different forms. One is actual cash discounts for the products from Microsoft and other is gift cards.

If you are planning to purchase an operating system for upgrading your system, you can just search for Microsoft Windows 8 Black Friday promo codes 2014 over the internet to get this touch optimized operating system. If you are planning to go for the latest Office suite 2013, the friendly discounts available this Cyber Monday in the form of Microsoft Office Cyber Monday promo codes 2014, can be of great help to you in enjoying cash savings or other forms of discounts on your purchase.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Microsoft Surface RT Coupon – Comparing Google Nexus & Surface RT

Nowadays, tablet PCs are ruling the world, next to smart phones. Not only tech savvies, but normal people too these days wish to own such a device and people planning to get Microsoft Surface can use Microsoft Surface promo code 2014.

Whenever, people get an interest towards purchasing a tablet PC, they will begin comparing different options available in the market. Now, let us get into a comparison between the two popular models in the tablet world, The Google Nexus 10 and Surface RT.

As devices with Android Operating System already captured the market, it is a tough call for those with Windows Operating System to strike the market. However, Microsoft has somewhat managed to grab the attention of people. Now, Microsoft Surface RT coupon code is an added advantage to those deciding to go for this tablet. People have a doubt as to which of these tablets are worth an investment.

Even though, Nexus has a premium taste, many people are concerned about the cost. It is true that Surface costs more than the Nexus 10, but Microsoft offers their Surface at a better cost with Microsoft Surface RT promo code. It is a cost-saving tool presently offered for people interested in taking home this user-friendly device. Even though, both these devices are similar in size, the tapered edges and the Vapor MG body on Surface, is something unconventional among the latest tablet designs available in the market. Nevertheless, it cannot be said that Nexus 10 does not look good, it has a decent look. People living in the United Kingdom, can get a special advantage in the form of Microsoft Surface promo code UK to get special discounts.

Following the benefit given by Microsoft to students, they can now use, Microsoft Surface student discount not only for the Surface RT tab, but also for getting any other model of Surface. When talking about the power buttons in both devices, both have a volume control that can be easily accessed. People purchasing Surface RT with Microsoft Surface RT promo code 2014, will find that the device has a full-size USB port that can be used for connecting a wide range of peripherals like flash drives, keyboard, mouse, etc.….. Both devices have MicroHDMI port and the docking port on both the devices allows the accessories to interact.

Nexus 10 comes in two variants with 16 GB and 32 GB, while Surface comes with 32 GB and 64 GB variants. So, people looking for better storage space can go for Surface RT 62 GB variant with Microsoft Surface promo code 2014 this year. For accessing the internet, the users will have to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and this is applicable to both these devices. Not only Surface RT, people interested in Surface Pro, can also find Microsoft Surface Pro promo code online.

Like the Microsoft Surface Promo Code 2015, this year Microsoft has come up with great discounts for their customers.