Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Promo Codes For Xbox Live 2014 Xbox Rated

Now after having purchased Xbox One with promo code Xbox One, you will be thinking about becoming a live member. This membership will provide you better opportunities to enjoy with your console.

You might be aware of the fact that a great share has been made by the Xbox Live towards the success of the Xbox Consoles. When talking about the consoles, you can now get Xbox One console with promo codes for Xbox One and Xbox 360 is still continuing to compete with the Play Station 3 for the top spot. Both the consoles, from the Microsoft and from Sony hold high ratings among console users and even among experts. But, when it comes to live network, Xbox is significantly larger as compared to the Play Station Network. This size advantage is expected to be enjoyed by Xbox Live for several years as the number of people showing interest towards Live membership is always on the increase. You too can become a part of this member group now with the help of promo codes for Xbox Live Gold membership.

When talking to some gamers, they express that Xbox Live faces some of the challenges like many other multiuser online environments. One of the important challenges faced by gamers is the presence of griefers. Griefers are those people, who make use of foul languages, thereby ruining the fun of other people. Rather than racing, they intentionally crash the car of other players with a view to register a win. When you use voice chat when playing, there are chances that grievers might tease you with a view to make their win. So, the best thing you can do, when you use xbox live gold membership, after purchasing it with the help of promotional codes for Xbox Live Gold, is to mute the voice chat to register your wins.

However, it cannot be said that all players are griefers, there are many decent players, who play just for fun. Once you become a live gold member with Xbox promotional code, you can just make good people as your friends to play against them. If you are yet to purchase a console, you can use, Xbox promo codes points to get either the 360 console or One console and then can become a live gold member. You can also recommend your friends to use, Xbox Promo Codes 2014 to get the console or the live gold membership.

Even though, you can enjoy many features in Xbox One after purchasing it with Xbox One promo codes 2014, becoming a live member will provide you the opportunity to enjoy better features.

Xbox One discount code is a facility offered by Microsoft to the gaming enthusiast to get this console at a friendly cost.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Promo Code for Windows 8.1 2014 a Comparison with Windows XP

So, now that you have heard from one of your friends that Windows 8.1 is a friendly OS, you might be interested in shifting from Windows XP to 8.1. You can get this new OS with Windows 8.1 coupon.

If you are thinking about shifting from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 Operating System, the good news is that you can get the 8.1 version at the best cost with the help of Windows 8.1 Promo Code. Windows 8.1 in addition to bringing you the Windows Store, Microsoft account and the start screen, also brings enhancements in personalization, cloud connectivity, etc…… Even, you can expect greater reliability and security features from the 8.1 version as you got in Windows XP or any other earlier versions of Windows.

Before you begin the process of shifting to this latest version, you should remember that you cannot conduct an update and you can only go for a fresh installation of this OS with Windows 8.1 DVD. You can get the DVD from Microsoft Store and can use Windows 8.1 promo code 2014 to take this product to your home. The thing to remember is that when you are doing a fresh installation, you will never be able to get the files and settings that are present in your system. So, carefully take a backup of the important files and programs in your system before installation. As Windows 8.1 is not designed to run on Windows XP or Vista systems, you should carefully go through the system requirements to be met before you plan to use Windows 8.1 coupon code for getting this version. For instance, as you have Windows XP on your system, check whether there is Windows XP Service Pack 3. You can also go for the Pro version of 8.1 with promo code for Windows 8.1 Pro.

Now, you might be interested in understanding how 8.1 is different from that of Windows XP. Before getting into the details about the extras found in 8.1, let us get into the details about the familiarities between the two:

Both have the familiar desktop and both of them can work with mouse and keyboard. Both these Operating Systems works with Word, Excel, Outlook and other familiar programs.  Now, what can you get in extra when opting for 8.1 or its higher version 8.1 Pro, which can be purchased with Windows 8.1 pro pack promo code:

The latest version is built for touch systems and tablets, which is not the case of XP. Also, in the latest version, you can get apps for Windows store, you can enjoy many built-in apps, you can keep your settings and apps on all PCs and handheld devices like tablets. Also, you can get start screen with live updates, which is possible even when you use, Windows 8.1 pro promo code to get this version.

If you are a student, you can use, promo code for Windows 8.1 pro student at a friendly cost, which is not possible with XP. If you are more into Media, you can get media center pack with promo code for Windows 8.1 Media Center Pack.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Microsoft Surface 2 Coupon 2014 Get up to $299 off on Essentials Bundles

Even though, many people are showing interest towards purchasing touch screen devices with other Operating Systems, Windows tablets have their own benefits. Like purchasers can use Microsoft Surface coupons to get any model of this Windows tab.

Right from the introduction of Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, Windows tablets have come a long way. Now, purchasers interested in the latter model can opt for the Microsoft Surface Pro coupon. Even though, this model is costlier than the normal Surface model, it has better features, thereby holding the cost to be suitable. Many popular mobile applications that were earlier available only for Apple and Android phones are now available for Windows phone too, regardless of whether the devices have Windows RT or 8 Operating Systems. When these tablets were initially introduced by Microsoft, they were costlier, but now the manufacturer has brought down the cost to a great extent. Furthermore, the availability of Microsoft Surface discount code is an added advantage for the purchasers. Here are some of the pros the users can get regardless of the Windows tablet they opt for:

Surface Pro 2 Essentials Bundle
Save up to $299 with Free Shipping

Windows 8 operating system: The Microsoft Surface Pro that can be purchased by students with Microsoft Surface discount for students, runs Windows 8 Operating System. This particular OS is touch optimized and so, it will be easier to work on. Furthermore, Microsoft has now introduced Windows 8.1 operating system in Surface Pro tab, wherein all flaws in Windows 8 are removed and so users can be benefited when they use, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 promo code to get this version of Windows tab. When this is the case of Surface Pro 2, the Surface 2 model that can be purchased with Microsoft Surface 2 promotional code comes with Windows 8.1 RT, which is also optimized for touch-enabled devices. 

Touch cover and type cover: Both these models have touch cover and type cover separately sold by Microsoft. So, people, who will be involving in more typing and chatting work can go for these accessories to get the best experience and usefulness from their device, regardless of the model they opt for.

Expansion slots: Both the models have MicroSD slot and this addition makes expansion highly helpful for the users. The RT model has a normal USB port, while the Pro model has USB 3.0 port and mini display port, so that users looking to view the content on a bigger screen can connect an additional monitor to their tab. Microsoft Surface coupon code is an added advantage given to the purchasers looking for the best product from Microsoft.

So, after deciding on the model, go for Microsoft Surface coupon code 2014 to get the appropriate and suitable Windows tab.