Friday, 24 April 2015

Xbox One Promo Codes 2015 $50 off with Free Shipping

Save $50 off on Xbox One + Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle $349.00 only regular price (was $399.00). Bundle includes 500GB Xbox One console, Halo: The Master Chief Collection full game download, wireless controller and headset, and a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial.

If you are in the idea of getting a gaming console from Microsoft, you will be surprised to know about the availability of Xbox promo codes 2015 to purchase your desired model.

The gaming console Xbox was introduced by Microsoft in two different editions. The first edition is called as Xbox 360, while the second is called as Xbox One, which is the latest as well. Now, people interested in any of these two versions will be surprised to know about the availability of Xbox promo codes points to make the purchase at an affordable cost.

Generally, when it comes to making the purchase of any such gaming console most people will be looking for the latest version as the latest generally will have better features as against the predecessor. This is truer in the case of Xbox as well. So, those with more into the latest version with better gaming features, they can opt for Xbox One Promo Code to get the same benefit as mentioned earlier with respect to cost.

When comparing this new model with that of Xbox 360, there are many new additions and particularly, the Xbox 360 only had DVD support and in the latest model, the Blu-ray playback feature is a great addition. But, for those interested in 3D blu-rays, they will not be satisfied by Xbox One. Even, this facility is presently not available in the direct competitor PS4 as well. Furthermore, the availability of Xbox One discount code comes as an added advantage.

As the comparison went into PS4, the hard drive cannot be replaced by user in Xbox One, which is stated as a highly beneficial feature in PS4. The latest gaming console from Microsoft comes with a 500GB hard drive. This is stated as an important draw back by some users, who need more space. However, the availability of Xbox promotional code makes this the better option for those looking for affordability.

Another attractive thing about Xbox is that the users can enjoy better gaming and entertainment experience when they become Xbox live members. For this membership as well, they can find Xbox Live promotional code to save on the cost. Once an individual gets this membership, the entire family can reap the benefits thereof.

With Xbox Live promotional codes 2015, not just gaming, but the members can watch their favorite television shows, can stay connected with their friends and can get a whole lot of music entertainment. The gamers can get into the competitive gaming world and the match making feature will help them in finding an opponent with the same skill set. This is made possible because of the match making feature that is available for live members, regardless of whether they use Xbox Live promotional code coupon or otherwise become members without this code.

To conclude, Xbox One is better in many aspects and live membership with Xbox Live promotional code 2015 can make the gaming console even better.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Microsoft Office 2015 Deals – How About Home & Student Version?

Save over $250 savings with Microsoft office promo code 2015 on Microsoft work and play bundle includes one-year subscriptions to  Office 365 Home,   Wi-Fi + Skype Unlimited World,  Xbox Live Gold,  Xbox Music Pass.

If you are planning for an Office suite, regardless of the version you decide, you can opt for best deal on Microsoft Office 2015.

Microsoft Work & Play Bundle $149 Only. Shop Now!
Microsoft Work & Play Bundle $149 Only. Shop Now!

Now, regardless of whether a purchaser wishes to purchase any version of Office 2013, regardless of whether it is Home & Student, Home & Business or Professional, he can use coupon for Microsoft Office 2015 to bring down the cost of the suite. Now, let us get into some details about the Home & Student version of Office 2013, such that purchasers can decide whether this can be the ideal choice for them.

What does it constitutes of?

When a purchaser uses Microsoft Office Promo Code 2015 or purchases the Home & Student as it is without making use of any sort of coupons, he will get the following applications and facilities with this suite:
  • For a single computer, he will get OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • He will be in a position to store files in the cloud with the help of OneDrive
  • In addition to the facility of viewing the documents online, the users will be in a position to edit them and they can share the documents as well.
As the name implies, the Home & Student version can be the ideal choice for home use and students can also be benefited with this suite to a great extent. At this juncture, deals on Microsoft Office is a great news for parents thinking about purchasing such a suite for their home computer to help out their school going children at home.

Students can equip themselves with home and beyond:

MS Word: When talking about the latest version of Microsoft Word, of course the purchasers can just purchase this application alone separately from Microsoft Store. But, when they opt for the entire Office 2013, regardless of the version, they can get many other applications as a package along with Word that too at a friendly cost with deals on Microsoft Office 2015. Now, when talking about the features of Word 2013, it comes with a new read mode with a view to enable easy on-screen reading. Also, the menus can be brought to the screen only when needed, otherwise, they will be lesser to provide more concentration to the content. The users can open PDF in word and they can edit the content as well. The users can show their style with the help of Word templates in about 40 different categories and even more.

MS Excel: Of, course this application is also available separately. However, Microsoft Office 2015 coupon code will bring cost benefit when purchased as a package. The special feature here is that each workbook will have its own window, such that users can work on two workbooks or monitors simultaneously. The users can choose from a wide range of charts that will be suitable for their data. The new features will be of great help to students in their studies and they can make the purchase of the suit at a friendly cost with Microsoft Office 2015 student coupon code.

Not only Word and Excel, there are other constituents as well. All the facilities can be enjoyed at a friendly cost by people of USA with Microsoft Office 2015 coupon code USA.

Not only Americans, others can also be benefited with Microsoft Office 2015 promo code.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Promo Code for Windows 8.1 – Are You Looking for a Change?

Some people get bored with the same operating system again and again. Here comes the Windows 8.1 for them and they can get benefited with Windows 8.1 coupon 2015.

In the year 2012, Microsoft launched their Windows 8 Operating System, and the idea behind the introduction of this OS was to bridge the gap between multiple computers, laptops and handheld touch-operated units. But, things turned around and Microsoft was not in a position to get the success they expected. The main complaint received against this operating system was that the users were able to experience a huge departure from the familiar layouts. So, it turned out to be an unfinished platform. But, now Windows 8.1 that can be purchased with Windows 8.1 promo code at a wallet friendly cost. Also, all the errors specified in Windows 8 are rectified by Microsoft in this operating system, which comes in three different variants.

The base variant is Windows 8 and the second version is Windows 8.1 Pro that can be purchased with Windows 8.1 pro promo code. Many existing Windows 8 users decided to reject the Windows 8 upgrade and this gave the motivation for Microsoft to introduce Windows 8.1. The third version of 8.1 is Windows 8.1 Pro Pack that can be bought at a friendly, cost with Windows 8.1 Pro Pack promo code. Here are some of the reasons, why Windows users should look for a change and should use Windows 8.1 Promo Code 2015 this year to opt for this version of the Operating System.

Promo code for Windows 8.1 Pro is a good news for people interested in the Pro version of Windows 8.1. Also, Microsoft has announced their plans to withdraw support for their Windows 7 operating system. This has made an upgrade important for Windows 7 users. Already, the support for XP was withdrawn by Microsoft and the same thing will happen for Windows 7 too. To avoid such a thing, people interested in Microsoft’s product can go for promo code for Windows 8.1 Media Center pack to get the continued support from the technical team of Microsoft.

Here are the benefits people can get when they use the Windows 8.1 coupon code to get this latest version of Operating system:

•    Chance to customize
•    Automatic app updates
•    Lesser disk space consumption
•    Smart Search
•    Greater external display support
•    Live lock screen
•    Comeback of familiar desktop

But, the negative thing here is that there is no option to unload and also people can experience some driver issues. Students can now use promo code for Windows 8.1 Pro student to take home with the wonderful Operating System.