Thursday, 26 February 2015

Microsoft Promo Code Surface Pro 3 Sync With iTunes

If you love your library at iTunes, you can just sync your Surface Pro tab that can be purchased with Surface Pro 3 Promo Code 2015 and can enjoy unlimited music.

The great thing about Surface tab is that it holds the pride of being the first Microsoft-designed computer. When you are thinking about getting this tab, you can use Microsoft promo code 2015 Surface. There are two different variants, one is powered by Intel and it is somewhat heavier and thicker as compared to the other model that is powered by ARM.

The heavier and thicker model is powered by Windows 8 Pro and you can use Microsoft promo code 2015 Surface Pro 3 to get this tablet. It can provide you the full functionality of a Personal computer and it has a large 10.6” touch screen with a high resolution. In addition the powerful hardware characteristics of the model make the device compete with both laptops and tablet devices alike.

Now that if you have recently purchased some iTunes or video files from iTunes store and want to enjoy them on Surface Pro. Is it possible? As you might be aware, the iTunes files are only permitted to play in Apple products as most of the iTunes file come with DRM Protection. However, the fact is that you can transfer those files and can play them on your Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows Surface promo code. This facility is available for all versions of Surface Pro.

So, you can also do the same in Surface Pro 2, after getting the tab with Surface Pro 2 Promo Code. Even though, it is said that you can play iTunes on your Surface, here comes to doubt regarding transferring the files as they are DRM protected. You can easily remove the DRM protection with a DRM converter or remover. This application will help you in conversion of iTunes into a format that will be compatible to your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Also, these applications can be helpful in converting iTunes files to other popular formats like MOV, WMV, AVI and MP4 as well.

All you have to do after purchasing your Surface Pro with Windows Surface Pro 3 coupon, is to install a DRM converter application to your device. Through this application, you can convert the files and can enjoy unlimited music on the move. You can use Microsoft promo code Surface for purchase of any model of Surface tab.

You will find that the Surface Pro version costs more as against the RT version. So, when you decide for RT version, you can use Surface RT promo code to get this model at a friendly cost.

The second generation of Surface RT called as Surface 2, can also be purchased at a friendly cost with Microsoft promo code Surface 2.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Microsoft Surface Discount Code 2015 Surface RT Vs. Pro

As the Surface tablet from Microsoft comes in two different varieties, it becomes a confusion with respect to the right alternative. Microsoft Surface discount for students is an added advantage to students on their purchase.

Once a person decides that Surface tablet can be the right choice for him after comparing the many tablet PCs available in the market, he will again get a confusion whether to opt for Surface RT or Microsoft Surface Pro. If your question is which model of Surface can be the best, the appropriate answer cannot be given as each of these models is intended for different category of users. However, it is better to understand the difference between the two, so that you can decide whether to opt for Microsoft Surface Pro coupon or to search for the coupon for Surface RT tablet:

Windows programs: The main difference between these two tablets is the way in which they take the desktop programs like iTunes, Photoshop, etc…. When you decide to purchase the RT model with Microsoft Surface promo code, you cannot run the traditional desktop programs. This is because the RT model tablets can run only the applications that are specially designed for RT devices. So, if you have many older applications that are presently running on your Windows PC and you want them to be installed in your tab, the best thing you can do is to go for Microsoft Surface Pro promo code to buy the pro model. This is because the Pro model device will just work as your desktop PC that is available in the form of flat and thin tablet. In addition to running applications from Windows store, the pro version can run your traditional applications as well.

Battery life: Reviews state that Surface RT model has better battery life as against the Pro model. When you purchase the former model with Microsoft Surface Promo Code 2015, you will find that it will run all day after a single recharge. Even, if the device is not used constantly, the battery will last for two days as well. On the other hand, the Pro model can last only for 4-5 hours between recharges.

The desktop: Both these models have a traditional Windows desktop, even though the RT model cannot run traditional Windows applications. When  you opt for Microsoft Surface promo code 2015, you will find that the desktop of the RT model will have a file manager for moving and for copying files to different folders and drives. It also comes with the Control Panel, Windows Desktop staples, Notepad and Windows paint.

So, on the basis of your requirement, you can go for Microsoft Surface promo code UK, if you are in this part of the world and find that the RT model can be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you find that the Pro model can choose you, go for Microsoft Surface pro 2 promo code.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Microsoft Office Promo Code 2015 is Office 2013 Helpful for Coders?

Experts are of the opinion that Office 2013 can be ideal for people in the field of coding and designing. They can use Microsoft Office promo code 2015 to get this suite.

Many people were confused about the reason behind the delay for introducing Office 2013 by Microsoft. Even, Microsoft has not produced even a beta version or developer version for nearly two and half years after the predecessor of this version of the Office suite. Some stated that Microsoft wanted people to buy their previous version and this was the reason behind the delay. Regardless of the reason behind the delay when the new version was introduced many people got a doubt as to whether the latest version will be suitable for them and what is new in this new version as against the earlier counterparts.

Now, the availability of Microsoft Office Promo Code 2015 student, enthralls many students to try their hand on this Office suite. Reviews state that as against the earlier version of Office suite introduced by Microsoft, this latest version comes with some features that make it ideal for designers and coders. If you are a coder or designer, thinking about getting an office suite, Microsoft Office promo code 2015 can come handy to you in the purchase of the latest office suite. How it can be helpful?

Students, who is presently learning some coding languages and designing can purchase Office 2013 with Microsoft Office promo code for students and they will find that this version can provide the right kind of support to HTML5 and JavaScript. You might argue that even earlier version of the suite supports HTML. But, HTML 5 is something different as it no more needs a flash program.

If you are a Mac user, you can use Microsoft Office promo code Mac 2015 to get the latest version of the Office suite. As you might be aware Office 2011 is the latest version for Mac. But, if you need still more latest, you can go for Office 365 for Mac. When you use Microsoft Office promo code student being a student, you will find that each and every application in Office 2013, inclusive of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other applications come with advanced features as against the earlier version to enthrall the users.

Microsoft Office promo codes 2015 is a great news for people, who have long been thinking about this latest version. They can now shift to this latest edition with the latest features. Microsoft Office student deals clearly shows the interest shown by Microsoft towards the development of future generation of the society.

Microsoft Office student discount can also come handy for students in this respect.