Saturday, 12 July 2014

Microsoft Surface 2 Coupon 2014 Get up to $299 off on Essentials Bundles

Even though, many people are showing interest towards purchasing touch screen devices with other Operating Systems, Windows tablets have their own benefits. Like purchasers can use Microsoft Surface coupons to get any model of this Windows tab.

Right from the introduction of Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, Windows tablets have come a long way. Now, purchasers interested in the latter model can opt for the Microsoft Surface Pro coupon. Even though, this model is costlier than the normal Surface model, it has better features, thereby holding the cost to be suitable. Many popular mobile applications that were earlier available only for Apple and Android phones are now available for Windows phone too, regardless of whether the devices have Windows RT or 8 Operating Systems. When these tablets were initially introduced by Microsoft, they were costlier, but now the manufacturer has brought down the cost to a great extent. Furthermore, the availability of Microsoft Surface discount code is an added advantage for the purchasers. Here are some of the pros the users can get regardless of the Windows tablet they opt for:

Surface Pro 2 Essentials Bundle
Save up to $299 with Free Shipping

Windows 8 operating system: The Microsoft Surface Pro that can be purchased by students with Microsoft Surface discount for students, runs Windows 8 Operating System. This particular OS is touch optimized and so, it will be easier to work on. Furthermore, Microsoft has now introduced Windows 8.1 operating system in Surface Pro tab, wherein all flaws in Windows 8 are removed and so users can be benefited when they use, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 promo code to get this version of Windows tab. When this is the case of Surface Pro 2, the Surface 2 model that can be purchased with Microsoft Surface 2 promotional code comes with Windows 8.1 RT, which is also optimized for touch-enabled devices. 

Touch cover and type cover: Both these models have touch cover and type cover separately sold by Microsoft. So, people, who will be involving in more typing and chatting work can go for these accessories to get the best experience and usefulness from their device, regardless of the model they opt for.

Expansion slots: Both the models have MicroSD slot and this addition makes expansion highly helpful for the users. The RT model has a normal USB port, while the Pro model has USB 3.0 port and mini display port, so that users looking to view the content on a bigger screen can connect an additional monitor to their tab. Microsoft Surface coupon code is an added advantage given to the purchasers looking for the best product from Microsoft.

So, after deciding on the model, go for Microsoft Surface coupon code 2014 to get the appropriate and suitable Windows tab.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Get a microsoft student discount promo code 2014 for some monetary benefits during purchase!

Get 10% off with free shipping on Surface Pro 3, Office 2013, Windows 8 PC's, Windows 8.1 Pro software, xbox 360 and xbox one accessories at discount price.

To strike a lucrative deal with Microsoft you must look for the microsoft student discount coupon code as a student. Go through to know how and where to get them!

Microsoft being one of the leading digital companies in the world has unique strategies to attract as well as retain their customers. Whenever you want to purchase a product look for a microsoft promo code 2014 which will help you get some monetary discounts while you purchase the product from the retail stores or from the internet. These offers are valid for every category of customers including professionals, homemakers and students. For the students the company has designed some special codes available as microsoft promo code student and you can get it over the internet or at any of the retail stores of Microsoft. For the game lovers who have always wished to purchase an Xbox One ever since the product was launched, but couldn’t, because of the exorbitant price, can now purchase it with the redemption of the microsoft promo code xbox one. If you are thinking that these promo codes are not available for newer products like Surface or Surface 2, then you must check your updates. The company has launched microsoft promo code surface 2 so that the gadget lover can buy them at ease in a slashed down rate. Are you one of them?
microsoft store student discount code
10% Off on Microsoft Products
If you are not and happen to be a student, then you are in fact in a better position than everyone else. The company has given some extra privilege to this community on earth with well designed microsoft promo code for students because they are the majority of the users of the software as well as the hardware products manufactured by the company. If you are planning to purchase the Surface with Windows Pro, go for a suitable set of microsoft promo code surface pro so that you can purchase the device paying much less than the original price. Sometimes when you purchase the products from the stores you get some additional advantages from the company. Microsoft stores have designed some lucrative offers in form of microsoft store promo code xbox one which enables you to purchase any product, say for example the Xbox one paying much less than the original price. This offer may be valid for the professionals as well as for the home makers, but for students the company has provided some better deals because they have designed microsoft store student xbox promo code for the same product incurring some extra benefits for the community. What can be better than this?

Microsoft has always given priority to that clan of customers who have diligently purchased and used their products. Students are one of them as they use Software and hardware designed by the company for completing their assignments of school and colleges. So the company has declared special microsoft student discount promo code offers so that these young users can get even more attached to he brand. As a student if you are planning to buy the products from the Microsoft retail stores, you have perhaps taken a right decision because you can get some microsoft store student discount code over and above. Will not this be great? But don’t forget that there are many contenders for grabbing the microsoft student promo code 2014.  So you must be among the first few early birds, who can purchase the codes and strike a great deal with the company. So don’t waste your time and hurry up for grabbing the codes!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Microsoft Office Mac University Promo Code 2014 Get Discount

The Office Suite of Mac University for Mac users is meant for university students and faculty members and students can make use of Microsoft Office for Mac University 2011 promo code for purchasing it.

Today, the term ‘Microsoft’ has become synonymous with software technology. This world’s largest software giant has entered into each and every sphere of most of our lives. Irrespective of whether it is home use or for business, the company has made the lives of students, businessmen, working professionals and homemakers faster, easier and simpler. Right from the introduction of this company, they have been using Windows as their base Operating System. But recently, with the increasing number of Mac users, who has great interest towards using Microsoft’s Office Suite, the company has introduced Office for Mac.

This product is compatible with Office for Windows as well. So, people working in Mac and Windows can easily work together and they can co-author in Word, Excel and PowerPoint irrespective of the place from which they are working. Two different users making use of Office for Mac and Office for Windows can work together and can share files online without any difficulty whatsoever.

Microsoft Office for Mac
Microsoft Office for Mac
So, what is different in MS Office for Mac? If you are a student planning to purchase this product, you can make use of Microsoft Office Mac Student promo code and with this in place, you are relieved of the worry of learning new software programs. This is because Microsoft has ensured that the basic interfaces, formats and commands remain untouched except some pleasant improvements when compared with earlier versions of Office for Mac and Windows. For example, menus and toolbars are replaced by a product called as Ribbon, which provides a less cluttered and more organized task pane. The ribbon will provide the opportunity for the users to locate commands easily, thereby making their work hassle-free.

When a student makes use of promo code Microsoft Office Mac Home Student 2011 for purchasing the 2011 version, he will find that the Word, Excel and PowerPoint that were found in earlier versions are present in the 2011 version too. But, with several useful improvements. For instance, with Word 2011, the users can get the document creation process as a fun-filled experience. Also, they can make use of Windows Live Sky Drive or SharePoint Workspace for sharing of files and for working in sync with teams. Reviews show that this product is provided with better automation support for creation of Automater Workflows in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

All these exciting features can be purchased at the best cost with the help of Microsoft Office Promo Code Mac. This can be stated as one feature or benefit provided to people interested in taking home any version of the Microsoft Office Suite for Mac.

The Home and Student version can be purchased either for a single PC or this variant is also available for three Macs as well. So, students with Mac computers can jointly purchase Office Suite for Mac Home & Student version. Furthermore, they can make use of Microsoft Office promo code Mac Academic 2011 as well. The Academic version has better features mainly to benefit students and even teachers. Getting this official discount for saving on the cost of purchasing Office for Mac can be more beneficial to students as they can update their product then and there as and when the manufacturer introduces updates.